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Our Vision

Our vision is “Enhancing Educational Experience”. It is our vision that each child receives education and it is towards this goal that we have been assisting the Government in the implementation of the Mid Day Meal Program since our inception in 2004.

We get the inspiration from H.H. Bhakti Charu Swami to implement the vision of the founder of ISKCON, His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, whose instruction was that no person living within 10 KM radius of an ISKCON center should go hungry. The future of India lies in the health of her children. The Mid Day Meal Program is our humble contribution to building a strong future for the country.

The following are inter alia our primary object was set out in our Trust Deed:

To uphold and promote the Socio-Economic welfare of the underprivileged sections of the Society through education among children hailing from poor families in rural areas and/or urban slums In the country initially, especially those attending Government and other school mainly catering to such underprivileged students by providing sustenance and support through provision of free food, meals, refreshment etc. during the school hours so that their continued attendance in schools and prolongation of education are ensured and the compelling needs of poverty of their families do not deprive them away from the schools and to ensure better nutrition, health and well being of such children.

Try to banish hunger of the deprived economically backward and poor sections of the society and those hailing from rural areas and slums in Cities by every possible method, by the provision of free food distribution, relief and sustenance.

Our Impact

The Mid Day Meal Project is an all India initiative of the Government of India. The beneficiaries are more than 12 crores students across the country. The Union HRD Ministry has conducted various studies to measure the impact of the Mid Day Meal project. It is beyond the scope of our organization to conduct individual assessment in this respect. The feedback we receive from various students, teachers, parents and officials is very positive and satisfactory. The following is an excerpt from the Press information Bureau dated 8th Jan 2008 from Ministry of Human Resource Development titled Mid Day Meal in Maharashtra.

The MDM programme has helped in promoting school participation, preventing class room hunger, instilling educational values and fostering social and gender equality”.

  • The scheme, in its few years of implementation, has led to the following positive outcomes:-
  • Elimination of class room hunger.
  • Increase in enrollment, more significantly of girls.
  • Surge in daily attendance, particular of girls and children from poorer sections.
  • Improvement in retention, learning ability and achievement.
  • Curbing of teacher absenteeism.
  • Narrowing of social distance.
  • A rallying point for parents’ involvement in governance of schools.

Our Environment

Since our formation in 2004, we have been implementing the Mid Day Meal Program of the Government in Government aided and Municipal Primary schools for the benefit of underprivileged children, The Mid Day Meal Program is a strategic program to liberate the underprivileged children from the vicious cycle of poverty by providing free and nutritious food and thereby facilitating the increase in the enrollment in these schools, reducing the dropout rate and improving attendance.

The Mid Day Meal Program has contributed to an increase in overall enrollment in schools as well as an increase in the number of girl children enrolling in schools. In a recent survey conducted in Rajasthan it was found that overall enrollment had increased by 64% and the enrollment of girls had increased by 58% as a result of the Mid Day Meal Program. 77% of the parents and teachers confirmed an improvement in the health and nutrition of the children.

The Mid Day Meal Program also provides employment opportunities to poor persons who are employed as cooks and helpers to assist with the implementation of the Mid Day Meal Program.