ISKCON Ujjain has a well maintained goshala just behind the temple. There are about 25 cows, bulls and calves altogether. The milk giving elderly cows are Sujata, Surabhi and Sunanda. Sujata gave birth to 2 male (Subir and Syam) and 1 female (Nandita) calves. Surabhi gave birth to 2 female calves (Nandini and Srimati) and Sunanda gave birth to 3 male (Sushil, Subal and Sukanta) and 1 female (Narmada) calves. Sujata, being too old, gives only 2 to 3 liters of milk a day, whereas Surabhi gives 6 – 7 liters and Sunanda gives about 12 liters a day.

There are 2 full time employees working for the Goshala under the supervision of H.G. Yogesh Chandra Prabhu, a resident Brahmachari of the temple. The cows are fed with different types of grass and other fodder. Apart from dry grass, there is corn grass and a kind of grass called ‘hathi ghaas’ or ‘elephant grass’. Apart from this, the cows are fed with crushed wheat, jaggery (gur) and kholi (remnants after removing oil from soya bean seeds). All the medical needs of the cows are well taken care of.

The milk from the cows is used to make the sweet preparations and other offerings for the Deities.

Goshala Supervisor: H.G. Yogesh Chandra Das

Phone: +91-968-569-0444

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