I made friends with some devotees, were in ecstasy seeing the preaching buses, noticed the magnitude of the Ujjain project, was at the edge of packing my stuff from Europe and settling down in Ujjain. What more can I say?
HH Bhaktivaibhava Swami ISKCON leaders
I have special needs, and full appartment was ready for me. The ayurvedic doctor kept trying things until they got the right one. The deities were like being in Mayapur and Vrindavan at the same time. All glories to Sri Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaja.
HH Jayapataka Swami ISKCON leaders
Very grateful to Bhakti Caru Maharaja and his wonderful team. They all reflected his mood of deep care and affection, and thus everything was truly wonderful. Thank you very much to Maharaja, and to his team.
HH Bhakti Caitanya Swami ISKCON leaders
Ujjain Temple is indeed magical and the Deities are beautiful. Devotees are very kind , simple and always ready to help. I had such a wonderful experience with all of you. So thank you so much for your help and I appreciate it . I pray I can visit someday again.
HG Nitya Seva Mataji ISKCON leaders
I found that the atmosphere, hospitality, etc. in Ujjain was just excellent and overflowing with bhakti. Thank you very much.
HH Bhaktimarga Swami ISKCON leaders
I cannot even estimate how wonderful your reception, care and devotion was, and is. I all of the GBC meetings I have attending up to now, I have never seen the same special care an consideration. My humble obeisances to HH B Caru Maharaja, whose mood of vasinava service has permeated your hearts. I am eternally grateful for your association.
HH Guru Prasad Swami ISKCON leaders
I pray I will remember the quality and selflessness of their care. It is a standard I hope I can learn to emulate. It was truly an environment of devotee care I've never experienced before. If we (starting with me) cared for others they way the devotees do in Ujjain, people worldwide would be flooding our temples begging to understand the secret of our formula for such love. All glories to the devotees of Ujjain ISKCON.
HG Anuttama Pr ISKCON leaders
No doubt the warm, friendly, and very comfortable atmosphere served to create the needed atmosphere for success. I know that my mind was peaceful and my heart touched by your kindness and your attention to every detail to make us feel at home. They have a saying in the USA: "The fruit does not fall far from the tree." Because you are such an attentive servant of the Vaisnavas, your disciples emanate the same mood. Certainly Krishna saw their surrender and enthusiasm and will bless them.
HH Badrinarayan Swami ISKCON leaders
What can I say? It is clear that all the Ujjain team imbibe the mood of their leader -- Bhakti Charu Maharaja -- who by all accounts is the hostess with the mostess! Everything was as close to perfect as it could be and never did I find myself wanting for anything. GBC meetings aren't the easiest service but the Ujjain team made them as easy as they possibly could be, I was sad to leave. My obeisances and appreciation to all the Ujjain team.
HG Praghosa Pr ISKCON leader
Dear Bhakti Charu Swami, Pamho. AgtSP. Your Sri Sri Radha Mohan temple is so examplary in hospitality. In your temple it feels that Their Lordships are in control. Some devotees have been asked to be in on Their behalf, and even then, they and all the others, under their leadership, are in the mood of serving, caring and pleasing the senior devotees. I wish that this mood would spread all over ISKCON.
HG Hrdaya Caitanya Pr ISKCON leader



Kartik Deepdan Festival 2018

Kartik (Damodar) is the best, the purest of purifiers, and most glorious of all months. Kartik month is particularly dear to Lord Sri Krishna.

Bhakti Vriksha Programme

Bhakti Vriksha Program

A dynamic program that offers a systematic process by which Krishna consciousness is presented to small groups of participants in a way that enables everyone to practice, develop and present the principles of Bhakti-yoga. For more details please contact +91-9406588666


Gita Study Course

Systematic study of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita in 6 months duration. Special classes for participants on every Sunday evening at 6P.M and also if you are not living closer to our temple can do the course at home just collect the course material. For more details please contact: +918871783107


Sunday Children School

A Spiritual school which helps children of age group 4 to 14 to understand Krishna, teachings of shri shrimad A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The school runs every Sunday 5 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. There are classes for students divided in three catagories. For more details please contact: +919755262950

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